NYFL operates the Roebourne Hub Community Resource Centre (CRC). The CRC connects Pilbara residents and businesses to essential services and support programs.

In 2022 NYFL was awarded by the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development the contract for the Roebourne Community Resource Centre (CRC).

It's free and available for all community members. The Roebourne CRC is located at the front of the Ieramugadu Store Maya, at 42 Roe Street.

CRCs provide access to government and community services and information, and undertake community, business and economic development activities.

Locally owned and operated, Community Resource Centres (CRCs) provide a wide array of information and community-based services to local people, businesses and visitors of regional Western Australia.

CRCs are committed to developing regional communities and connecting the people of Western Australia. They provide training and education programs, access to business facilities, and information on community events and government services.

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