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NYFL provides a suite of employment and training programs that upskill, uplift and develop Ngarda-ngarli (Aboriginal People) from Roebourne and the surrounding Pilbara.

NYFL provides education and training support through its member services program, which supports members in pursuing their career and academic ambitions.

NYFL has delivered a unique and well-recognised Aboriginal employment and training program for over ten years. Every year, Roebourne people transition into meaningful, full time employment due to NYFL Employment and Training program.


The Warrgamugardi Yirdiyabura (WY) Program is a unique, community-led approach to overcoming barriers to employment for Roebourne people.

Warrgamugardi Yirdiyabura means pathways to employment in local language.

The purpose of the program is to create and improve economic participation of Roebourne Aboriginal people in the area of work that they choose

The WY Program provides tailored employment and training opportunities for Roebourne Aboriginal People

65 Aboriginal people participated in the program in FY21

Over 18 trainees transitioned into full time substantive employment in 2022

The program is recognised as the most successful employment and training program in Ieramugadu (Roebourne), and likely the West Pilbara

NYFL works with ‘host’ employers across the region who take on WY Trainees in their workplace

NYFL subsidises salaries for up to 18 months until the ‘host’ employs the trainee in substantive role

Through NYFL, WY Trainees undertake certifications relevant to their field of choice 

The program’s success is based on NYFL’s ‘wrap around’ approach for trainees. NYFL supports work-readiness, connects with families, provides mental health support through external providers, and provides bespoke accredited training in a culturally safe environment 

Through the program, Roebourne people have found meaningful, full time employment in many vocational fields, including:

Rangers and Land Management 

Photography and arts

Hair and Beauty 

Business administration 

Journalism and media

Community services

Early Learning and Childcare




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